Time enough…

The sun sets on another day…

Time is one thing that everyone wants. As we progress many people just want more, but do you really need more, or do you need to consider how blessed you are with the time you have?

I have found over the years I have squandered a lot of time, used a lot of time well, and used a lot of time exceptionally. The most important aspect of my time is always to embrace the moment and find the best memories, or the best outcomes to the moments that should be cherished.

Taking a moment to hold hands may not seem like much, but it may also be something we can never forget. 

When I was in College I met a beautiful young lady with fiery red hair and a passionate heart. As we started becoming friends I found I really enjoyed her company and she was really funny. I spend so much time usually being the person that talks too much, tries to get others to laugh, or tries to be positive that I truly did not understand how great it was to have someone do that for me. She made me laugh, told me jokes, did impressions, was funny and silly and still had a series side. As our relationship went a little further she backed away for difficult reasons that really hurt, but I will never for a moment forget or be unhappy for the moments we shared simply because it was time enough. Time enough to laugh, time enough to smile, time enough to feel good, and yes, time enough to cry.

So as the sun sets on another day, can you take the time necessary to realize how good you have it, or remember the positives in your life and translate that to reality? Can you take a sunset and make the moment last a lifetime? Can you take a moment and make time a non issue, and instead understand that life is amazing, if only for a moment. Yeah, there will be some bad times, but we have time enough for it all, and in the end I think the good is always more than the bad. MAke your day great and it will be great, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh often, and find someone who helps you find your time and gives you enough, and more…

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