Unexpected expectations…

The sun sets on another day…

Another grey day, but when all seems lost and the sun seems like it is hiding away indefinitely, we suddenly have a sunset, then a wall of clouds that take away the sunset as it is happening. Hmmm.

It’s kind of funny sometimes the expectations you set for yourself. Sometimes they are in line with how you think, and sometimes you just don’t know what those expectations align with. I remember a song singing about how things are ironic, but it is not the things that are ironic, but our expectations that are ironic. We expect things to be good or bad, and when they are not the way we wanted to see them, we expect something different that was not expected. Sounds confusing, but if you consider it, maybe not so much.

I expected a mediocre sunset, when I say the sun come out, I expected an amazing sunset and that was an unexpected expectation. Tonight was good though, but I would have expected nothing.

I think that is the trick, we should not expect much in life, and as we get those amazing sunsets, we should be thankful for the unexpected expectations we have, or just call them nice gifts.

So as the sun sets on another day, I walk into tomorrow not expecting anything. It could be a great day, or a good day, I could have to work this weekend on multiple different items. I may have to face a long drive, or a down system, or even a great warm day, but if I walk into it expecting little, I will always be happy with what I receive. Why not look at the world the same way, and walk in every day happy with the gifts you get, knowing more may or may not be around the corner, but you will love it just the same.

Sleep sweet, love life, and laugh a lot when you get something great, and even more when you get a lemon or two…

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