Dead or alive…

The sun sets on another day…

It is funny that the sun rises and sets and there is no emotion to it. (It is a joke, funny eh, it isn’t really funny or not funny, it just is)

We have options and opportunities each and every day to be a part of life. We also have options to not be a part of life. There are so many things that we can think about that keep us from truly engaging in life, that it sometimes boggles the mind. From money to taxes, to day to day problems and even the spectral head of the past and the myriad of potential issues there, we make choices and either join in positiveness, or not.

The question should be each day “What are we living for?” and the answer should be, “to be alive, and enjoy life”. Sometimes we get so lost it is hard to tell if we are really alive. The world is a better place because you are in it. You need to understand this each and every day. If the checkbook is tough, worry will not make it better. If someone treats you wrong, allowing them into your mind will not make you a better person, if a family member dies, they would not want to see you giving up your life in grief, but instead living for them.

Years ago my father died. His death came right at a time that we were reconnecting. IT was difficult since we had started considering how life should be approached and how to have some fun. Our final discussion on Sunday for taking out motorcycles was ended just 5 days later. Did I feel cheated? Yes. Did I feel alone? A little. I did not stop living or set my life on hold though. This is a brutal example, but each day we react to things in a positive or negative way that has a ripple effect. Imagine having a bad day because of a mean driver, or a bad cup of coffee. We need to set things aside and live life as fully as we can, with all the vigor we can.

So as the sun sets on another day, are you part of the living group of people that are truly alive, or has life taken that away and joined you with less than life? Isn’t it time to break free, concentrate on the things that are good and move forward full speed ahead? Isn’t it time to truly be alive? Let go of the past and the pieces of pain, learn from them, but press on and live with all your heart, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy moments, and press for happiness, each and every day…

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