7 things in this picture, and an 8th

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun was setting in the storm and rain tonight it decided to peek out and visit. As I sat at the beech, looking for a picture and an inspiration, the horn blared, the worlds aligned, and what you see is what I got.

Along with the picture came a series of thoughts. Who are you in this picture?

Sounds silly, and easy. I am the guy on the boat, right, well, which one? Does it really represent you? Can you see the 7 things I see in the picture, are you seeing the eighth that is missing?

  • Of course there is the lighthouse. Un-moving yet wise, guiding all, but not moving outside its comfort zone, mainly because it can’t.
  • Of course there is the freighter, massive and powerful, trudging through the water as though it was not there, finding a way through everything.
  • Can you see the Geese in the water? Oblivious to all but family, enjoying the moments, and sharing them with all who are close.
  • How about the gulls flying right through the picture? Free and spirited, and changing course with wind and wave, knowing they can be more every day but only going as far as they need to to eat once more.
  • Near the lighthouse is a small fishing boat, with purpose enjoying the moment, and doing something they love. Fisherman are always in the water, even when it is frozen, they have purpose and conviction and find a way.
  • If you look between the boat and the lighthouse you will see two kayaks. I couldn’t see them at first, but then I focused in and was surprised. Pressing the envelope, living life to its fullest, they press the seconds, the moments, the hours and the days to be all they can.
  • Then there is the water and the sunset, giving purpose to all around, but not doing anything more or less than what they need to, even if it is beautiful and amazing.
  • 7 Things in the picture, but the eighth is the ones that are not represented. The ones doing nothing, lost in little and pushing for less.  Those are the people who exist, and find no more than what is laid before them.

I know this is not all encompassing, but it seemed perfect for a moment when I saw it, and perhaps we all are a little bit of all eight from time to time. Perhaps we need to be a little of each, and a lot of some.

So as the sun sets on another day, decide who you want to be in life and be that person. Hopefully you will challenge the world and press through when necessary, have a free spirit, give purpose, press life to its fullest, enjoy your moments and share them with others, do something you love, and guide all you can as you find your way through life. Make life an adventure every day, even when you think it can’t be, and find a way to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…




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