What price…

The sun sets on another day…

Rainy and oppressive, I was still inspired, well, a little:

What price the lost day we never seem to know? What time slips away with still many things to know?

What price the missed moment the waves that we’ve never met? What life would be for all with never a sunset?

Considering every day, what price do we pay when we miss a sunset, a moment, a child’s party, a tender moment. What price is exacted for missing moments in our lives?

I have a special friend who has chosen another path. She has changed from a working mother that lives for a job, to a working mother who melds her job around her girls. She finds a way to be there with them, grow with them, and help them find a way, each and every day. She and her husband are truly blessed because the saw the price for the day being lost, and refused to pay it. Instead they make the world a better place each day for their children, and all around them.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the price of missing time. Don’t be a slave to something that is not of benefit and instead find the benefit in everything, no matter what.

Sleep sweep, carpe diem, and carpe carpum (Seize the fish!)

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