The sun sets on another day…

Fathers Day has come again. IT has been around a long time. A celebration of fathers that goes back to the 14th or 15th century. I have not been celebrating it that long and I have to be honest, there was a long time in my life that I did not celebrate fathers day. (Notice the lack of caps).

My life would be a good Lifetime story, and my relationship with my father was non existent for some time in my life. Decisions made by adults always affect children but they are rarely considered. As I went through life I was 16 when I began talking to my father again, and it took years to build a relationship, a bond, or any semblance of trust. You see, there are things in life many people take for granted. 

Over the years I built a relationship with my father and eventually trust, and on the week of his death, we finally were going to do many of the things I was told about in his past, the things he did with others while away from me. We came to a peace with our relationship because both of us understood that fathers are people, and sometimes make mistakes, but being a father or a dad takes a commitment, and in the end we both saw that.

I hope you can make the commitment if you are a father to find a way to make your children’s lives better. This does not mean destroying your own, but it does mean seeing a bigger picture. It means making some sacrifices to make your children’s lives complete, and having patience when you shouldn’t, understanding when you can’t, and a listening ear when you sometimes want to scream. To me, being a father is a major responsibility, and it is more than just having a ¬†child, it is seeing the potential inside of that child and helping them realize it. If you are a Dad, don’t wait to do the things you want to do with your children. Make your day with them the best it can be, and as they grow up, be there if they need you, and step away when they don’t.

Sorry, this sounds preachy, and I really wish it was that easy, it is not, but today and I consider how long ago my father died, and consider the loss, of more than just a person, but a life. I would have wished him Happy Father’s Day today, because his gift to me was seeing more, and helping me understand I have responsibilities to my children, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and reach out to your father if you can, and let him know he is special. Life is full of perfect and imperfect moments, and we are what we make of those moments. I would like to think every day can be a great day if we let it. Make today your great day.

Sleep sweet, smile bright, and Happy Fathers Day…

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