Timeless destinations

The sun sets on another day…

We often wander through life trying to decide where we want to go never realizing that we’re already there. There are places that we are that are beyond belief. There are places we think we should go for no reason other than it’s different than where we are and both could be right, but perhaps the destination that is best is right beneath your nose..

I challenge everyone tonight with this rather direct post to look at where they are and determine the positives of that place. I found over the years that the place you are can be far more interesting if you take a moment to look at it. I have also found that people also seem to ignore the timeless treasures and the myriad of exciting things laid before them until they have moved away.

I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and have found that I always just want to be home. Home was not defined buy a series of walls but instead was defined by the people around me and the location that I lived. Some of the most special places I have lived have been less than perfect and I am reminded of that occasionally as I look back and discover that bigger and better was not always better, just bigger. (Say that three times really fast!) Some of the most impressive places I have lived we’re not special at all and I could not call them home because some key element was missing.

The challenge is simple. Look around, try to determine all of the good things you have and instead of looking past what you have for greener grass perhaps take a moment and see what you truly have and what is truly available for your life. Today as I wandered around on a boat in the middle of three lakes I found peace for a moment that some of the people living in this paradise completely overlook.

Take a moment and enjoy the moment. Take a moment and enjoy that thing that you have never done that everyone from out of town thinks you’re famous for and just do it. Take a moment and see just how special the city or state or even the country you live in truly is. In the end why not just take a moment. Take a moment and live life to its fullest.

So as the sun sets on another day I enjoyed my day partially because of where I am and I enjoyed the moments partially because of where I live. I believe everyone can do the same if they just open their minds, their eyes, their hearts and find the special things that surround them. Enjoy every moment and enjoy every day that you can. If we only have 29000 sunsets I hope everyone has an amazing one everywhere and everyday they can.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live for the moments…








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