The power of a negative word…

The sun sets on another day…

It’s obvious sometimes that positive thoughts can make us more positive. Negative thoughts on the other hand can do far worse or far better.

It’s hard to consider how a negative comment and make things better but sometimes those negative comments are just what we need to open our eyes to the truth. Negative comments can open doors and lead us towards new and far more positive situations. Sometimes those situations are easy to understand. Sometimes the situations are very complicated and it takes us a considerable amount of time fight our way through. It may be that one last negative comment that opens everything and changes our world.

I was in a situation once where someone was treating me poorly consistently. The expectation was that I was the one that had to make everything right and because I always felt responsible I went along with it. In reality there was a tremendous amount of strain on the relationship until a very coarse word was said and I realized I was the only one working on anything. In that moment I realized there was a lot more to life than simply saying you’re sorry all the time and trying desperately to make things right so there might be one positive day. In that case the negative created a positive for I found my way out of the situation.

Negatives can also be very bad for us. Negative comments can strip our souls away or even worse. Negative comments can also make us feel less confident and even put us in situations where we lose trust in our self or the people who really care about us. It is important always if you are receiving negative comments consider the source and if they are true. If we are the source of anything negative we should strongly consider why we are doing it. I have been in a situation where I felt constantly on the defensive and it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that the negativity being presented to me was making me mad. It was even more difficult for me to understand that in order to overcome negativity you have to be positive or you have to move on from the situation.

Negativity as a whole,even when it could create a situation that is better, should never be considered a positive. That kind of makes sense as we continue through our lives we should embrace our positives and set aside the negatives both incoming and outgoing.

So as the sun sets on another day dump the negativity, literally. Create a light surrounded by positive people. Create a light that can consistently be the most positive light you can have. In the end was any of that negativity worth it? I would like to think we can all be the best we can be in a positive life no matter what.

┬áSleep sweet, love life, and live every single day…

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