Unclear paths…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun follows a consistent spiral along the sky, its path tracked every step of the way. We know where it will be, and where it has been quite easily.

Today while on a dune ride in Silver Lake, I watched the path in front of us, and in several areas the path was washed away. We of course were able to easily navigate it, but if the path would have been washed away further, how could people know where to go?

I thought about this and the driver of course knew the path well, so through the went sand we plowed, oblivious to any potential issues, and quickly found our way to where we needed to be. He had driven this path many many times, but a new driver could easily figure it out as well, from indications and landmarks.

In life it is sometimes not as easy. We don’t have a clear defined pathway a lot, and as we move forward, there sometimes aren’t the landmarks we need to see. Instead we have uncertainty and a pathway that may not be perfect. We do have our “compass” and can consider what the right direction should be, and what the best direction should be, and it is there we should focus. We should consider ourselves like the driver of the dune ride, knowing where they needed to be in spite of the missing path, and plow right through. Is there really anything we are not at least partially sure of when considering life? If we are unhappy, shouldn’t we turn towards happiness. If we are happy, shouldn’t we stay the course. If someone hurts us, shouldn’t we move a different direction? If someone treats us well, shouldn’t we move with them, and find a pathway together for a better life?

Consider the myriad of possibilities every day, then consider your path, and how you want to get there. Perhaps it is an easy trek, but more often it may be a trek of uncertainty, but one that you know could be amazing. Even if it is not, if a path is bad when you move down it, you know never to use that path again, right?

I have heard some people note that they need to choose the wrong path, to suffer because of a bad decision. I have heard many people destroy themselves in a bad relationship or marriage or friendship to avoid hurting someone. I have seen a lot, but the reality is, we are only on this world once, and how do you want to live on it?

Do as the sun sets on another day, our paths are not as easy as a dune ride, instead they are fraught with unknowns and uncertainty. As we see these possibilities come forward and drive through them it is our responsibility, even duty to make certain we continue to find the right path. We should never choose the easy path, or the mundane, or the path that just makes someone else happy, but also consider how to make everyone involved the best it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep fording your paths…


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