The sun sets on this wonderful day…

(See, I wanted to shake it up a little)

Why is this a wonderful day you may ask? Why not? Sure, everything is not as it should be, and there are issues each and every day, but in reality is it really that bad? In reality don’t we have the ability to have joy in our hearts even if the world around us is in chaos. (Not to be confused with Maxwell Smart’s arch nemesis)

Last night I looked at a picture my friend too, and smiled at the clarity, and in that picture I saw a little more. I saw colors true, but I also smelled them and felt them and in the process, I felt joy. A picture can easily bring us joy, and so can words, or even a few moments in the wind, enjoying the feel of the breeze. There is joy in a lot of things in our life if only we let it in, and feel the joy in us.

Sure, the world isn’t perfect. Sure, there are people fighting all the time, and things going wrong, and generally you can always find the bad in the world or nearly any situation. In truth though, you can find the joy anywhere as well, and joy should be what we are looking for always. (I am sure a girl I know in high school named Joy is flattered.)

So as the sun sets on another day, find joy, embrace joy, and make happiness part of your daily life each and every day to ensure your world is a better place, and then maybe THE world would be a better place. After all, if we are happy, don’t we want to spread that happiness? I would think we do!

Sleep sweet, love Joy (er, joy), and enJoy your day, no matter what…

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