Wrong turn…

The sun sets on another day…

So, the sun is on a superhighwayinterstatemonsterroad that just does not ever change. East to west it goes over and over and rarely makes a wrong turn or runs into a problem,

We are not so lucky. Each and every day can be a journey into chaos and excitement depending on how we look at it. Often we find ourselves on the right track, but sometimes we make a wrong turn, and in the wrong turn we can find opportunity. I am not sure what we will find opportunity for, but we may find opportunity.

I find it funny when people get angry for making a wrong turn. Not funny ha ha, but funny strange. A wrong turn can be just the adventure we need to open our lives a little further. A wrong turn can actually be a right turn that we were not sure about. There is never a reason to be angry at a wrong turn, because all it costs is a little time. (If you are late, ooops)

Years ago I was with someone special in Germany. As we drove around the country we followed the GPS, and soon we were in the middle of nowhere heading to a castle. As we drove we were sure there was a wrong turn, but we kept going and actually ended up being directed through someone barn. We waved as we drove by, and they waved back. When we got to the end, this was waiting.

It was a great adventure, but we were sure it was a wrong turn that would have us in somewhere we should not be.

So as the sun sets on another day, maybe we need to take a few wrong turns. Maybe we need to take a moment to understand that sometimes when we take a wrong turn, it can turn out to be a right turn. Perhaps sometimes we can take a wrong turn and make the world a better place, but always, a wrong turn is some type of adventure, even if it is a mini adventure. Let’s enjoy every one, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, turn right, and remember three lefts make a right…

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