Why I write my genre #motownwriters

The sun set on another blog…


I knew I was behind in this contest, but decided to do it for the sake of doing it, not for winning or losing. 

My genre. It is an interesting statement for me. I write to write. I try to be inspirational. I have written romance, and dramatic, and action adventure, I love horror, I am enthralled by poetry, so I am not sure what genre I am pulled towards. My first novel was action adventure, but it has its share of romance in it, so I think I will say I write to write, not for any particular genre.

That being said, action offers a series of secondary topics immediately. Your characters have to be reasonable, and have a weakness and a way to address that weakness. They have to be powerful and dramatic, and what is an action story without a love interest, well, even if it is a puppy, it is a necessity.

So action, my first series of books, just makes sense. 

So enjoy the day, and every moment as you read my action book, Vengeful son, by Andrew Allen Smith.

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