Drip drip drop…

The sun sets on another day…

Somehow I don’t think there is a song for “drip drip drop little October showers” simply because rains in October are cold, wet and foreboding. Well, there are things that are not so cold and wet, no matter when the time.

Warm interactions with friends while getting tasty candy from the best candy store in Michigan.

A drive to a new adventure, and listening to polka music in the rain.

A warm pretzel with cheese.

A puppy, no matter how old, and the love they always project.

From moment to moment even though the sun set on a cold day, and it was high above the clouds struggling to make its presence known, we can make the best of each and every day if we just try. I listened to a lot of people today. People who were happy and sad, people who were lost in the joy of a moment, and people who were desperately trying to find their moment, people laughing, people being quiet (and yes, you can listen to quiet people). After listening I can say again, there is hope for everything if we just take a moment and see the best in life, and the best in people instead of trying to find the negative in all we do. Take a moment and listen, see past the surface, enjoy the moment, and if you can look for a positive in everyone, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, it was October showers, but maybe we were showered with a little fun, and a lot of possibilities. They are there if we look for them. Keep your eyes open, find those possibilities, and make them into realities. 

Sleep sweet, dance in the rain, and love life every day…

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