Candle in the wind…

The sun sets on another day…

As I looked through the lens tonight I could see the outline of the sun through the clouds, as round and as round and as clear as any sphere I had ever seen. As I reviewed the pictures it took some effort to see that outline by changing the exposure and balances a little and what you see here is the result. It is not as good as what I saw, but it is pretty. As I had sat watching the light slowly fade away tonight, I watched dozens of cars back out of the parking lot and speed away to their destinations. It was then I started signing to myself and for some reason the song was “Candle in the Wind.”

I understand, I had no reason to sing that song, no reason to pick it. Songs pop in and out of my head like a jukebox on full falling down a steep cliff would spin records out.  This song not only stayed, but echoed in my mind as the clouds danced with unreal colors. For a moment I thought about the past, about the woman in the song, with no one to cling to in life, and misunderstood in death. It was a strange moment and I was happy, but sad, and in the process of singing, stopped, gave pause and moved on. My next thoughts were random, but they were no longer down and the moment that was there as the sun set, was as gone as the sunset.

In life we are sometimes drawn to songs, things, and even people for reasons we cannot understand. There are people in life that we are not sure why we knew, or why we became friends with, but in the process it was not a bad thing, instead it gave us pause, and allowed us to see the world in a slightly different way. There are those times that really awaken our view of life, and those that give us reason to question, and reason to try to understand a different point of view.

No matter how it was portrayed, sometimes we are candles and the wind blows and moves our flame a little, with no apparent rhyme or reason.

Tonight, after I had consider the eve I thought of some of the people that flashed through my mind, those I have loved, and those I have not loved, and in the process I realized the experience was good for me, no matter if it was great, or even if it was not so great.

So as the sun sets on another day, I will take a moment and strengthen my fire and understand that even a candle in the wind keeps its fire lit, and I truly feel blessed for every moment that my flame still burns. We have no tomorrow, and a only small series of yesterdays, and I am always glad for today. My gift to anyone reading, be grateful for today. The good or bad of it, and the pleasure or pain associated. Be grateful if someone lifted you high above, or set you aside as less than necessary. Be grateful not because it was the best experience or the worst experience, but because it was an experience and in the process be happy for today, happy for everyday that you can still be a candle in the wind, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, find love, and hold on to love that finds you…

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