Countdown to Halloween…

The sun sets on another day…

Wow. Well, wow. The sunset this fine Sunday evening was crisp and exciting. Anything less would have been a crime on one of the few clear days we have had recently.

As we end the month of October I have a special treat, or maybe it is a trick. Last year I wrote a story for Halloween, and this year I wrote another. My object is to be able to have a little fun on Halloween and maybe scare a few people. (Or maybe not).

So we have to start with a joke to get us ready and keep you off guard.

Why was the mummy so tense? Because he was so wrapped up in things!

Anyway. If you want to read the 2017 Halloween story, go here!

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good sunset, and a good day. Let’s all make tomorrow even better, and have a fun week!

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile!

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