A Multitude of memories…

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun rises and sets, tomorrow it will rise and set, so it will be each day and the days will becomes weeks, then years and more. Sometimes it is so hard to differentiate each one and understand the depth of what we experience. As each sunset passes it becomes a memory, and as that sunset becomes a memory something will remind us someday of what happened.

This weekend I was awake far too much and watched a movie from 1982. The movies doesn’t matter, nor does it matter the movie was fairly campy, and very action oriented, and well, it brought back a lot of memories. 

Memories about a current time are peculiar as they open up other memories, that open up other memories that really open the door to other memories and suddenly you have a waterfall. Masses of molten neurons fired and I remembered things I had set aside long ago in favor of happier times, and a few really happy times that had been set aside for the sake of just being set aside.

If you look at who we are, we are a multitude of memories that react to situations based on the multitude of memories that we are inside. I am glad for all my memories, good and bad for they made me who I am and you should be as well.

So as the sun sets on another day. Yes, you have had good times and bad times, but let’s take a moment and realize that times are good now because you are in them. You are the sum of good times and bad times and are probably a pretty good person, right? Let’s all remember that we cannot get anywhere in life without happiness, sadness, laughter, crying and a lot of hard work. Oh, and that’s not all, we need a lot of fun along the way too. So enjoy your day and your night and be happy, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh hard, and be you…

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