Automatic lives…

The sun sets on another day…

Today’s post was brought to you automatically, by scheduling and pre-writing. It is still a today post, just not as today as the moment could be.

How many of us go through life like this post. So caught up in what was preset, that we don’t see what should  be. More to the point, if something is the way it has always been, does that mean it is the way it should always be?

It is difficult sometimes to understand the depths of people, going from place to place decide that it is alright to be the same as always, but not realizing that it is not the right thing. Don’t get me wrong, this is not always the case, but many times people don’t see how critical their lives are the to grand scope of it all, and how much they need to break away from the mundane or uncomfortable, and instead really live life.

I have several friends that push the envelope every day, but I have some that would just as soon the world be painted with a pink ticket, that you stamp until you run out of space, then you renew and do the same things. This is not the same as being alive. 

I also have a friend that pushes ever day to do a little more, takes a picture, writes a song, but doesn’t live just in the moment, but lives above the moment. Doesn’t that sound better?

So as the sun sets on another amazing day, Isn’t it better to live above the moment and make the day the best it can be? I would like to think so and hope you do as well. Find a way to be better, and laugh at the world so it can laugh with you.

Sleep sweet, love life, each and every day!



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