The sun sets on another day…

The sun wanders the universe with us in tow, shining its relatively little light as a star amount a million million stars. Along the way there are other planets where we are in their sky, as we look up and see stars from long ago adoring our sky.

I was wandering today, well, across five states. As I did I wondered a bit about wandering. How is it that we wander from place to place and still have an affect on many lives. By that same token, think of the people who have wandered through our lives and made them better or worse. It seems like there is a lot of wandering going on to me.

We tend to gravitate towards people that are special to us, that share ideas, challenge our selves, and our sensibilities, we wander among many to find few that are those people we call friends, or loved ones. To me and I have said it before, it is like tuning forks, we wander listening to others until we find those that are sweet melodies to us, and help us make ourselves better.

It is my opinion that we need to pay attention to those people who wander in and out of our lives and learn all we can from then. Sometimes it will be little things, sometimes it will be massive, but in the end, we need to learn, and in learning make a difference to ourselves and others.

So as the sun sets on another day, no I did not affect 5 states worth of people, but maybe I was nice enough to one or two to make a difference. Maybe the person who was downtrodden for being “that girl who holds the end of the line sign” smiled because¬† after being downtrodden I told her she did a good job and to not listen to the negatives. Maybe the extra moment I took leaving a tip when I didn’t have to mean something. Maybe helping the man who was lost at the sporting good store who was not able to solve his problem, solve that problem was minimal, but maybe as I wandered trough a few lives I made some type of difference. I challenge you as well, to not sit by and watch, but to truly live life, make a difference, and make every day better by being a part of it. Wander on, wander forward, but keep on wandering, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, look at life, and wander on…


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