The sun sets on another day…

Epic. The word brings a lot of things to mind. Some people think it is a moment, some think it is just a synonym for greatness, but many know that it is a journey that is well past the norm, a story or poem or work of art that transcends time and space, and maybe a little bit more.

As we pass through 29000 sunsets think of the epic story we tell, a ballad or a poem that would make Homer shudder. His small acts of demi-gods and men paling in comparison to what we are and what we have become. Look at how we soar the skies, talk across the world in an instant, share voice and video, and so much more. For their time it was epic to fight off Scylla and Charybdis, but for us, those are now rocks and tide-pools, mastered by modern ship designs and the power of men. How much the world has changed.

For us, the moments can be defined as easily as back in Greek and Roman days, at our core is a story of who we are, and our epic is those we have interacted with, those we work with, live with and of course those we love. As Hercules bore his mighty quests, so do we struggle each day to find our way and look to the light that leads us forward. I know, this can be read a variety of ways, but it is simple: the world is a challenge, and all of us are up to the challenge each day until we are no more. In fact we must be up to the challenge each day because it defines us, our past, and our future.

In the process, what do we leave behind? There are our children, our words, and our photos and artifacts of the journey we are on. Tonight I saw 2 epic photos. You can see them here and here. Two sides of the same scene, two moments that converge on a place. We all have an opportunity to do something but people like these and the many who have sent in photos  to 29000 sunsets truly leave an epic tale behind, a tale of beauty and more. Quite honestly, a tale to remember.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your epic story, and find a way to leave it behind for others to share years from now. Tell the story with photos or words or video or something but make the story one that is truly epic. Sure, it will have ups and downs, but as Virgil wrote there were always tragedies before their could be peace and happiness. Show the story, and make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make the world a better place, one moment at a time…



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