The sun sets on another day…

Ever wonder what the maximum sun would be like. Well, we might be crispy if we saw it, but I bet it would be pretty.

So what about you? What is your limit? Is it something easy to measure or a limit without limit? Do you ever think about just how much you are putting into life, or do you just shuffle on, and see how life is moving forward?

I like to think we have no easy maximum, and we are only limited by our view of ourselves, and the limitations we put upon ourselves. So why then do we not reshape the world each and every day? In my opinion our limitations¬†are sometimes daunting, and those limitations can sometimes define us in a way we don’t want. No don’t get me wrong, there are real limitations. I remember once working with someone who was a bit smaller than me. We were working on carrying a bunch of items to a top story apartment. (Only 2 stories) I had carried most of the heavier pieces but the person with me was determined to prove themselves without limit. A huge TV stand was rolled to the stairs and we had to take it up. I said, I would take the bottom and they corrected me, they were taking the bottom “They had no limits” So I went to the top and waited, after a moment I heard them say from below, “We should switch, I think I have a limit”. This is about the only real type of limit I think there is, one that cannot be overcome without work. The rest can be overcome by perseverance.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s skip the obvious limits and think about the limits we can overcome. I think there are a lot of them, and together or separate, we can make the best of every day, and in the process, remove our limits and make today an amazing day.

Sleep sweet, reach for the stars, and well, fly a little too…



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