Not often…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set tonight I raced to the shoreline, and was able to get the last moments of light, the last breath of life from the day, as it slowly ended and will now silently wait for tomorrow.

It is not often I get sad. Not often at all. I can pull myself out of the sadness in moments by thinking of my children, my friends, and a few other people who make me smile. Today I was sad. I am over it now, but I wanted to share a deeper feeling for a moment than how we should stay positive all the time. As I have said, and we all know, sometimes life will get the better of us, and we will rise above as we see fit, into the next day. Today I wrote as I saw people arguing over things they did not truly understand. 

Sometimes we need to write or express ourselves for what we know and sometimes learn what we do not know. It is hard to have a point of reference without a real point of reference. (Duh)I wrote:

“There is no way many people can understand the pain someone feels when losing someone close to violence, and sometimes even violence itself. If you have not experienced it first hand it is hard to fathom. There is also no way many people can understand the passion some people have for protecting their children, and themselves.”

I can expand this easily and say it is truly hard for people to understand each other, and even more so when people have an opinion that cannot be reconsidered, studied, or validated. Too often we as a people are caught in opinion that we do not realize is an opinion. A close friend had an opinion once that something “was not going to happen” and it eventually did. As has been said, opinions vary, but facts can be proven.

I went further today to consider the actual way people might think:

“If you are not a teacher, don’t speak as a teacher; not in law enforcement, don’t consider yourself an expert; if you do not use or understand weapons, don’t assume you know anything about them; if you are not the president, don’t assume you can do a better job. All I am saying here is we should listen, be respectful and try to understand.”

My point was easy, no matter your opinion, let’s treat each other with respect. I may not agree with each of those statements, but they are true. Without a point of reference there is no way to say for sure anything is accurate.I finally ended with a simple phrase:

“Oh, and last thing, if you believe anything you post from the net without double or triple checking, I may be a French model. Bonjour.”

If I was a French model, well, France would be in trouble. I would simply like to state that much of what I post daily is opinion. I try to empower people to be more in this simple blog I began for my children to read, to be better, and to find a way (Or to at least make people smile, unless they are strange people who tell me “I will smile when I want to smile” those people can frown). I try to at least open a door so people can say “I need tomorrow and I will live today” and I try to find some common ground to lift anyone and everyone up beyond what they were. I am so sorry if any of this was depressing, but occasionally you just have to consider, are you being good to others, and by that same token, are you good to yourself. Ask yourself daily, “Am I being good to myself” and find a way past it if you are not. Be that person that rises up and truly considers that 29000 sunsets are not enough, 30,000, or even 50,000 would be better (That would be a trick) but don’t accept the bad days, and find a way above even when it looks, well, bad.

So as the sun sets on another day. There is a light that shines on each one of us, it is a light of passion and power, and a light that can take us to a new level of happiness. It is not a lonesome journey. Find those people you can talk to and disagree, and know they will respect you even though you disagree. Find those people who will love you, even though they do not always love your point of view. Find a way, and rise above. In the end, it is up to you and I know it can be done, not my opinion, fact. We can rise above it all and be better people, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, rise above, and listen…


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