Feeling froggy?

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set on this fantastically fun day, well, it was a little squirrelly. On one side it came out and set rainbows to its side, then dropped back into the clouds only to jump out again just to say hi for a moment. It slowly set, and I enjoyed every moment until it was gone.

I enjoy strange things and strange moments sometimes. I say that because there are not a lot of people who see the world as a place to learn. True, many people I interact with challenge klife daily and squeeze every bit of knowledge out of it, but some are content just to have knowledge sit around and pummel them over and over until they say “uncle”. It should not be that way.

We have an option, and yes we have the ability to make our portion of the world better, and make it our own. We can truly stand up and take our little part of life and make it right. We can have those good experiences, and maybe some bad, we can enjoy those good moments, and maybe some bad, but we can truly live life. A long time ago someone said consistently when challenged, “If you are feeling froggy, jump.” It always made me laugh, but now it fits more than ever because we need to feel froggy and jump. We need to take that step to be more, to do more, and to just make the world our own. Not because we have to, but hopefully because we want to!

So as the sun sets on another day, what’s your excuse? Drop it, step out, feel froggy and make some good jumps! Go out, have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid of life, instead make life be afraid of you. After all, if we only get 29000 sunsets, we should be reaching for the stars, and perhaps beyond.

Sleep sweet, feel froggy, and jump…


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