The sun sets on another day…

Once again I started this night with one post, but ended with something completely different. Not so worrisome today since the post I wrote earlier I will use for tomorrow as it is not dark, dismal, depressing or worse. Instead I was inspired in a different way.


I watched a movie tonight, and in the movie were once again a series of subplots and secondary movies. There was an action adventure plot of course, a mystery plot with clues and keys and a the ways to get there, there was a love story between two people that saw beyond the surface and into each other, there was a lesson on greed and power and doing what is right, and of course there was a deep lesson on friendship.

As I sat watching and getting lost in the contexts and sub-contexts I thought of how life was complicated in a simple sort of way, and considered the levels of importance in our lives, and how sometimes they get lost. Maybe for a second we should lose them, and after I left the movie and went to the beach to take the picture above, I was once again impressed by how people can interact. As I talked to a few people there to take a picture as I was I realized we were all kindred spirits, and at minimum, had the sunset in common. I watched the sunset fall, but knew that some people have a bit of a connection, evn if it is just with a simple thing.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow. Consider your friends and family and those people you can count on, and put the importance on them that truly is necessary. After all, it is nice to know you can count on someone, and even nice to know that there is someone out there looking over you, a little or more, no matter what. Make them important too.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the evening, and love to the moon and back…

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