The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set, so did ice, and hail, and rain and a lot of really cold stuff, it was cool, literally.

I was reading a bunch of articles with inconclusive results. They ranged from how positive attitudes affect cancer, to how positive attitudes can prepare you for better things in your life. Positives as a whole are pretty awesome and as I read item after item I came to a conclusion. It was simple, there really was nothing conclusive. 

So I stopped reading (Well, those items anyway) and thought about it for a while. My second conclusion is it really didn’t matter. After all, keeping a positive attitude is, well,  positive and that may still be the key. Even in the face of defeat, a positive attitude will at least let you enjoy the moment.

Take the black night for a second, after losing two legs and two arms he still had an undefeatable attitude, and even though he may have been a loony, he was at peace with himself. A good idea to say the least. Maybe we should all say , “Come back here, I’ll bite your legs off” no matter what we face.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and look at all the positives in your life, feel them, know them, and be a part of them. They are there still no matter what is going on. Don’t let anything take that away from you and you will have a great day, every day, no matter what. (Or at least a good day)

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and love life…


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