The sun sets on another day…

Holy rusted metal Batman, we are going in full speed and knockin’ their socks off with radical waves. Well, something like that.¬†

The sunset tonight gave birth to the expression of a sunset as it set. It was not just a sunset, it was a projected expressive glow of light that actually looked like a second sunset, but was actually a further away sunset projected on the clouds. It was, well, wow. At one point, and in the picture, the setting sun and the reflecting setting sun looked more like a nuclear blast than a sunset at all. I was impressed, and I have seen a lot of sunsets.

In my opinion a lot of times that is all it takes. A simple expression to make you feel more complete. Maybe not everything that is real, but everything that is not so real protected by what is real. Sometimes things seem real but are not, and vice versa, so we have to look for those expressions that are really making a difference to us, and help them along. Sometimes you have to believe, even if you see the mirrors, and sometimes a surprise is a good thing, even if you know it is coming.

In the end, maybe we should all express ourselves a little more and make the world a better place, if only for an instant.

So as the sun sets on another day, wow, it was a great sunset, and even though the last part of it was a reflection, it was maybe even better for that moment. (and it made it last a little longer too!) Find a moment, live your moment, and make today the best day by expressing yourself and letting others express their thoughts to you. You may be happy at the result.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day…

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