Another year…


The sun sets on another day…

As I pass from one year to another I had words stuck in my head. So I shook a little and let them fall out.

Another year

Another year older, another year done
some battles I’ve lost
Some battles I’ve won.

Another year older, another year gone
Life pulls no punches
no matter how long

Another  year older, another year beat
Dozens of great days lie at my feet

Another year older, another year past
the world is a great thing
As always we last

Another year older, another year done
life is an adventure
Life is my fun

So, as the sun set on another day, this day is a great day, not because of the day, not because of what happened today, but because we are in it. It may be just a day to some, but to me, it is more than a day, it is the best day I can have as today, and another day for another year that passes on. I know, it seems confusing, but if you look at your days and realize how precious they are, you will understand.
Sleep sweet, love life, and live it everyday…

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