A wake in the mist…

The sun sets on another day…

Another day, another rainstorm, or was it?

I saw the rainĀ falling and suddenly there was a break in the rain, pink in the sky, and only 14 minutes to get to sunset. I jumped in the truck and headed to the beach, and as I went from home to beach there were showers, rain, mist and more. When I got to the beach I watched the sun set, and got several awesome pictures. In the car again as I drove home I saw the mist on the ground, a white cloak just two feet off the ground, and as I sauntered through, found a wake behind me. a [perfect V fluttering in the shadow of my truck. I drove through rain and storm all of a sudden, and still there was the mist, then arrived home to blue skies, and a huge cloud in the distance behind me.

Sometimes we don’t consider the effect we have on others. We are so focused on moving forward that what is behind us is unknown, but if we turned we would see we left a wake behind with spaces in the mist that represent the things we moved, and a series of exciting moments that are in that wake as well, both good and bad. The swirls behind us may be turmoil or wonderful memories, and in every wake the mist slowly closes in again. Maybe before we barrel through we should consider that wake.

Sometimes I consider I have left a big wake. I have pushed through when I should ahve sat back and watched, and I have not looked back when I should have been looking forward and back and at the here and now. In the end it does not matter, because today is today and behind is is past. Hmm.

so as the sun sets on another day, as you trudge forward in this thing called life, take a moment and consider the wake you are leaving and maybe slow down a moment, and smell the flowers, leave less of a wake and more of a ripple, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow…

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