Fall in love…

The sun sets on another day…

Rain rain go, well, don’t go, stay and play and make it wet outside! It has been a while since we had a good rain and we have needed it.

I have been writing for a while based on a list a friend had on their page. The list was for their daughter and I am working towards children in general. Today’s topic: “Fall in love often. Particularly with ideas, art, music, literature, food and far-off places.”

I have to put it out that I love love. I think love is the greatest gift and in a recent interview with a newspaper, the reporter noted that at the core of my books is a statement about love. It is my opinion that this idea and the next one (tomorrow) are slightly cynical as they focus on everything but people, so I will take it to a mid level. In my opinion you should fall in love because love is the strongest thing you have in your arsenal. Love will conquer anything unless it is not returned. Even if it is not returned it can be fulfilling and a teaching moment. To avoid love is to avoid what makes us who we are, to focus on any less is a painful hit to our souls.

I do agree though that falling in love with ideas is fantastic as long as you truly understand or learn from the ideas. Falling in love and feeling passion for art and music can make us into better people and open our minds to even more than we can dream. Falling in love with food can make us eat too much, trust me, I have been avoiding it for a while and far off places are good to learn from, but make sure you love for what is real, and not for what is perceived. That too sounds cynical, but the world is a big place, and sometimes that which we love is not as it seems, well, in my experience.

Maybe we need to look at passion instead of love in this case. Feel passion for art, music, food, places, but love? We should embrace passion and find a way to make passion part of our every day, but maybe the word love is a bit much. Maybe.

So what is love then? That deep feeling that moves you, or an attraction to a person? or is it both? Passion is barely controllable emotion, maybe that is better?

It may be hard to see sometimes as we tend to look over it, and as such, we really need to see passion and love at the core of who we are, man or woman, adult or child. Feel for the things you do, and well, life will be just a little better.

So as the sun sets on another day, fall in love often, feel passion even more. Be that person that makes life an adventure, and find a way to enjoy each and every day, trough love, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…