To believe…

The sun sets on another day…

Cool, crisp, brisk, and many more descriptors describe tonight’s eve. The sun was pure and clean on the horizon as the air swirled around and grabbed at my breath. It was near perfect, the time of year where days are hot, but eves are chilled if not just right. 

I write each day, sometimes a few hundred words, sometimes several thousand. Normally, it is more to the several thousand as I explore both fiction and non fiction, determine each day what I write based on the people I meet, the situations I am in, and the moments that I experience. In 2017 I wrote a lot here, and in doing so considered times long gone by and people that meant a great deal to me. It was good, but it did not focus enough on the key elements of desire and belief. I wrote about a book called 2150 AD  here and considered the depths of Karma, and the things that make up that Karma. Still, I set aside the idea of belief and considered the opinions of so many others. Today as I worked on documents that needed to get done I considered a paper I wrote in second year English in college, a paper about desire and belief and how people can overcome if they have those two elements in their life. The desire to achieve and the belief they can do so.

As I write tonight I am haunted by that paper and by the depths of the message I wrote so long ago, that even the impossible was possible if you desire and believe. This lead me to something I wrote this February about the movie “Paternity”, you can read it here. In the movie the hero just wants to be there when his child learns about gravity, because without the knowledge of limitations, there are no limitations in his mind. I considered that as well, and whether there are truly limitations in our world, or just the ones we set upon ourselves.

So a lot of thinking, but in Latin the word is crēdere, which is simply, to believe. We want to believe, but sometimes there are limits we place on ourselves, and perhaps today we need to determine if those limits are real or imagined.

Funny, I did not intend to make this post so serious, but in the end perhaps it is, we believe what we can, and we overcome what we can as we believe.

I believe I have no limits but those I place upon myself, and for that, I am either in my own prison or my own heaven based on my beliefs, no one else is responsible but me. Is this how it is for you as well? Are you a prisoner of your own beliefs, or have you set yourself free because of your beliefs. 

I knew someone who always told me how limited they were. Each day was an excuse, about how something terrible happened and that was the limit of what they could do. In the end, and as I began to know who they were, they were not a prisoner of the past, or of any actions, they were a prisoner of their own belief that they were a prisoner. By that some token, I knew a young man who was limited by an illness. I watched it degrade but I believe that man could do more than any 10 men, because he believed in himself up to the end.

Astonishing to say the least.

So as the sun sets on another day. What do you desire, is it real? Do you believe it is yours to achieve or is it something that haunts you and you want. Find a path, and remember, desire takes you so far, but not all the way. Believe takes you another way, but still not the entire way. together desire and belief can move mountains and make the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe…


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