Chutes and Ladders…

The sun sets on another day…

The sky is pure, blue, crystal clear like the stunning eyes overlooking us all. The air invigorating, awakening the very soul with the easy breeze. The sun is warm and inviting, and all this is happening at once on this near amazing day. Clouds shot along the horizon, and danced with the wind only to be swept away by the shoreline.

I watched a lot of people today. There was young and old, fiery and passive, excited and bored, and more. They were lost in a series of moments we were all experiencing and as I watched I laughed as it was just like the game “Chutes and Ladders”. People were up, and down, and up and down and really all over the place. 

Maybe the chutes and ladders are people too. Maybe, just maybe there are people who lift us up, and who bring us down. There are people who are inspirational, and there are those that drag us down into the quagmire of despair. We choose to use those chutes and ladders each day, and we choose how we will react to each of the rides up and down. 

It is funny to me, (No not funny ha ha ) how so many people ride the chutes and ladders of their lives and think they are random, and uncontrollable. It is rarely so, we can step on the chute or climb the ladder as we choose, but we have to recognize we have that power. No one can “make us” be happy or sad, we ride that ladder on our own.

Of course, I know some great people who have made me laugh and smile when I was with them, and some people who have down their damn dist to bring me down when they can. In reality, I think I do both enough for any 10 people, but that is just my opinion. Positive remarks bring us up, they let us know we are appreciated and more. Negative remarks bring us down, but in the end, we are responsible.

So as the sun sets on another day, where are your chutes and ladders? Who are your chutes and ladders? Climb the ladders and sometimes ride the chutes. find new pathways in life. Remember your life is yours, and take a step in the direction you want to go, live life as though today was all you had, and reach for the stars, each and every day.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it no matter what…


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