In the weeds….

The sun sets on another day…


Three days in a row I have written a full 500+ word post only to set it aside and rewrite another one. I will have a library of posts to use now. This could be interesting.

As I looked out at the sky I looked down for a moment and saw a dandelion. As usual my mind wandered as I remembered that dandelion used to be  sought after plant, is edible and has many health benefits. The flowers in particular are pretty good. Then I saw closer and remembered as a kid pulling the flowers and sucking the petals ends because they were sweet. It is funny how things change like that, and I considered how something that is a often overlooked has benefit.

You know, there are a lot of people in the world people overlook at times. These people are beneficial to us all but are often overlooked like weeds, and as people overlook them they fail to see how much they help our lives. I know I know, you may not think of one right away, but if you stop, close your eyes and think about ti. (Not yet, you are reading) you will think of all the people who help you daily.

Yes, the clerks at the stores you overlook, the McDonald’s voice when you get your morning iced tea, the server at your restaurant, the theater worker, the greeter at Wal-Mart of Meijer, and many many more. 

Do you really let them know how much you appreciate them, or are they simply weeds in your life?

Remember, those “weeds” may have strong roots and even stronger benefit, so stop taking the for granted, and pay attention. You are the person that could make a difference and show them how important they are in not only your world, but in the world.

So as the sun sets on another day, the next time you are walking through a store and someone asks if you need help, don’t cast them aside as though they are bugging you, they are trying to help. Acknowledge them and let them know how important they are, make sure each person understands that they are more than just another weed in the garden, but instead a powerful force for helping us all. Show them they are worthwhile and if you are ever out of food, remember dandelions are as good as any other green. Yum.

Sleep sweet, love life, and open your eyes no matter what…

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