The sun sets on another day…

I looked to the road today and saw a series of events unfold. Like dominoes one things lead to another, which lead to another, and another.  Soon there were felled dominoes everywhere, and me in the middle, trying to decide which to topple next or which to save. As I watched the magnificent sunset I wondered, how many dominoes fall in life each day.

It would be interesting to consider the world with all of its complexities as a house of dominoes. Each domino stacked with care, and eventually some glued to the floor, while others hang precariously on the edge of our tables. We are spectacular animals at interacting but sometimes we do not make good decisions for our foundations. Today I dealt with several items I had not spent enough time with for a while. Because I did so, I ended up with some difficult issues to address. A broken belt on a vehicle, a failed light fixture, all these things require maintenance.

So too do the things in our lives, and believe it or not, we are at the center of it all. If you do not pay attention to yourself, you are at the edge of the table. The progression should be (in my opinion) from self to family to friends to more. Without that our foundations just aren’t as solid as they need to be. Of course, this is an opinion, everyone has one. 

Consider just for a moment, think about life, take a moment for yourself, and sweep the dominoes away. Just take a little while, do something good, perhaps even great, but think about more and in the process, build a foundation for tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on another day, ahhhhh. Yes, that is a good answer. All those things I had issues with, well, a lot resolved or in the process of being resolved. Ahhhh. Sure, there is much to do still, but if we step back occasionally, and get our center, it will all be OK. Take the moment, unplug, undo, and be better with life. Stop the dominoes from falling and in the process make the world a little better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ahhhhhhh



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