The sun sets on another day…

The air is breathtaking. Cool and refreshing while warm and inviting. It is one of those days you could just look out at the world in wonder, and enjoy the seconds as they ticked by. We need those days, those hours, those minutes, and even those seconds. They lift us up and give us the ability to realize how great life is. In the midst of it all, in the distance, a balloon floated up through the air.

I know I know, it probably means there is a child crying in the parking lot somewhere who just let their balloon go and a parent scrambling to say the perfect thing to keep them from having a meltdown, but maybe not. Maybe the child let the balloon go to see just how far it could soar. Maybe the child released the balloon and in the process was lifted themselves just a little higher.

I have had a lot of balloons in my life. Metaphorically I have had a lot of balloons in my life. I am defining balloons as those people that lift us up, and make our lives better without necessarily doing anything, and those people we let rise to something better and in the process grow ourselves.

From the man who told me to stand proud in the face of adversity, to the woman behind the counter who helped me understand marshmallows as a child. From my first girlfriend, to each person who gave a little to allow me to see more. I am thankful for my balloons and thankful for anyone who I helped along the way, assuming I helped anyone. Helping people up should be our goal in life, well, in my opinion.

So as the sun sets on another day, stop, well, stop, yes, and take a moment and think of all the wonderful people who helped you up, and stop there. I hope someone is thinking of you too. If you just think about helping, someone, yes, I am sure of it, someone will be thinking of you too.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the eve…


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