The sun sets on another day…

The brisk breeze conquered the worlds today as ti embraced us all. The suns light fought but did not overcome the chilling grasp of the cold, but people gave the day a warmth of its own.

Today was full of people. The Festival in Montague was small but large, cold but warm, and a busy day for all. People milled in and out like grazers at an all night buffet. As I talked to person after person about “The Masterson Files” series I was impressed with people in general. For some time I had been concerned, not because I think the world is falling apart, but more because I felt people in general were not reading as much, and were living in short paragraphs instead of stories.

I know, this is not my normal trip into positivism, but bear with me, it is there. today I saw people engage and be amazed by reading, and in that I was impressed. I saw a boy walking between a dozen people reading a book he bought from another author, and I saw people walking with books, including mine, and enjoying their afternoon. It was good. Perhaps people are paying more attention, or perhaps in the little town I was in, people decided to go back to a simpler time for a moment and enjoy that time

Tonight’s post will not be a a long one, but I smiled today as I listened to Ingar Rudholm spin his take. His book is good, and we had a god day watching the world go by. If you like to read, even though it is young adult, try it out.

So as the sun sets on another day, thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you who have read my books, and just thank you, for being you on this amazing day.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and smile at the stars…



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