Enjoy it anyway…

The sun sets on another day…

Rain, dreary, cold and clammy are words that could be used for many to describe today. I like to think of it as a day filled with possibilities and achievements.

You know, each day we face a variety of challenges, and a variety of things that try to knock us down a notch or two, but in reality, our journey is what we make of it. The road before us is fraught with potential issues, but we have the ability to make today the best day there is, and face tomorrow as it comes.

So as I looked at today I can consider all the things that happened that were potential negatives or I can realize I fixed a problem with the fireplace that had been bothering me, played with the puppy, enjoyed taking pictures with a friend, and had an otherwise great day. I could look at the day or a hundred other things that are not as happy as they could be, or drive my day right over the bad parts and enjoy it anyway.

Tomorrow could be difficult, or it could be amazing, but that doesn’t really matter because today was great, and I will build tomorrow on the same foundation.

When you are looking at your day, do you dwell on how bad you think it is, or do you reach out and feel all the possibilities that you have been give, and instead grasp them and live them? Think about it, and next time, go for the good side of it all.

So as the sun sets on another day, the day could be bad, yucky, icky, but we have a choice, and I am going to choose the walk the path that I can make, and always enjoy it anyway, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep moving forward…

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