Nano Nano

The sun sets on another day…

Today ends the second NanoWrimo I have participated in. I expected more from myself this year and ended up with hitting the goal, but not my goal.

If you don’t know what NonaWrimo is, once per year there is a self measured contest to write a novel in a month, or at least 50,000 words. This year I wrote just over, last year I slaughtered it. Next year I will do better.

So what does that mean to you? Maybe nothing. If you have read my books and like them, it means that “Fateful Friend” is getting close. I had stalled, and I rewrote a lot, so it did not go as fast as usually. Why? I have 2 other books in the front of my head right now, actually, 3.

So, for today I will work and hopefully finish Fateful Friend this weekend. I personally think it will be a good slice of fun. Then I will work on “Silent Savior”, the fifth book in the series of the Masterson files. I have the story set and for those of you that had written, this book will follow Alan and his amazing dogs. 

Some excitement for me are the other 2 for me to work. I am starting a new series. the first book will be a challenge but I have the plot outlined and a great deal of it will be character study. the book will question: What if you knew you were different than everyone else, and alone. Would you let anyone share that loneliness in the crowd with you? The other book is a completion. Years ago I started a book called Stealth Drive. It was and is a fast paced story about a man coming to terms with himself, and a woman finding out that the world can stretch more than she thought.

I have not been doing as well keeping the Andrew Allen Smith Facebook site fresh, so I will work to do so more effectively.

Of course, I still write here daily. Even though I heard the CDC reduced us to 28,470 sunsets, I think we will rebound. Thanks for reading and being a part each day.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make it work…

(Oh, and it’s not the cover, but it is something I have been playing with)

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