Spectral wind…

The sun sets on another day…

I was bringing in groceries tonight and just stopped for a moment. The sky was dark, near black, and for just a moment I saw a flicker of a star and then it was gone under the clouds again. The sunset was quick tonight, but the sky was still striking, if only in a different way. I thought about how mere moments can bring sparks to our lives.

I used to write a lot of science fiction, I am now slowly finding these long set aside pieces of paper (Sorry, no computers back then) and reading things I had set aside, thinking the world would not think about them or be interested in the things my minds eye creates.

One of the stories was about a living ship, I saw similar later in a comic called “Starlord” and it may have been the reason I set the idea aside. In my story, written forever ago a ship traversed the galaxy looking for new life and searching for a crew, and this too sounds oh so familiar. I had hope the idea of traveling on the spectral wind would be interesting, knowing that space, for all it’s vastness, could be fueled by eddies and currents of light and power. In my story a young boy was found by the ship and later they formed a unique friendship. An ancient wisdom with a naive innocence lead to many interesting interactions as they explored together. In the end, it was one of many unfinished stories I have written, and perhaps someday I will build it to a modern conclusion. For now, it is something I set aside as I grew up.

Well, this is almost depressing, but maybe not. How many things have we set aside in life only to find them again. Perhaps it was a story like mine, a painting once started but not finished, a craft, a past love that burned in our heart with such fury it had to be revisited, a bucket list item that has called to us for years only to be found and remembered and perhaps made into reality, all these things and maybe more. What is stopping you?

Sometimes there are things that force us to stop, after all falling out of a plane at 102 might not be a good idea, but it might. Driving a car at 200 mph may be a bad idea, but it may be a good one too! The guy you used to think was hot might have a hired assassin as a wife, and that girl you loved could have a 300 pound husband named Bubba. (No offense Bubba)What dreams do you have and how can you make those dreams turn into memories, or better, realities. Let’s pick a few that aren’t so potentially life threatening.

If they can be reality, then I suggest you try and try soon as there really is no tomorrow. (When we get to tomorrow it is today after all) At the minimum, smile and consider it for a moment, look at your dreams and make them real, get the puppy you wanted, take a chance with people, try your hand as a comedian, open an interior decorating business, or maybe write a few books, no matter what you want to do, make it real and now if it is the right thing to do. Make today the best day you can, and make your dreams your reality.

So as the sun sets on another day, think abut all the dreams you have had, are they really that far fetched? Maybe it is time to take a chance, open a candy store or something fun, and stop worrying about tomorrow. Live today as the best day ever. By Jove, we may have something!

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it…

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