The sun sets on another day…

Welcome to Christmas.

It is a day debated by many, understood by many children and many adults, with different meanings depending on who you are in your life.

I cannot tell you what Christmas means to you, I can tell you some of the things it has meant to me.

  • A happy day with my father under the tree playing with Treble-O-Lectric trains when I was 3
  • Meeting my little sister for the first time
  • Singing songs at Christmas by the piano
  • The feeling of wonder looking at my Grandmothers tree
  • High school and many of the people there
  • My first job
  • A watch I bought after my first year working
  • College
  • My first house
  • My daughter’s, then my son’s, then my daughter’s first Christmases
  • Trim a tree at my dad’s
  • A special ornament with a story inside
  • More children at Christmas
  • Special moments

And  much much more.

I cannot begin to explain all that has meant to much to me, both when I was young, and as I am now. (You know, old) My memories were super, and sometimes it is something little that makes them even more super. A special person, a special time, shopping for someone else, or just having fun in general can be the source of an endless series of happy memories. There is nothing more amazing that a happy memory, and nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of sharing those memories with someone. I can say with certainty that Christmas is a time when you will feel more, because it is a time when more has come our way, good and bad.

There are of course the bad memories of Christmas as well, being alone at this time of year can weigh on you, and feeling deeply can be a difficult thing, but I found a way each day to push past and hold on to the good in my life, even when it was hard, or harder. One thing I have found, if the best and worst things were not about things, but about people, and the feelings associated were far more intense than a simple gift. My more awesome gifts have been those that have been well thought out, cameras, or books, or a special knife may not seem like much, but when it is something I can make, or I can build, or take, it adds a touch that cannot be held. The Christmas cards too, they make me smile when I read them now, and as I do, I feel good about today even more.

So as the sun sets on another day Santa should not be the only one making lists. Make a list, check it twice, decide what makes you feel most nice, and make each day as special as can be. (I would say no matter what, but you already know that)

Sleep sweet, love life, and Merry Christmas…



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