Secondary moments…

The sun sets on another day…

Snow. Snow, well snow. Lots of snow on the ground this evening, and soon it will be gone.

I thought a lot about that today. How things come and go so quickly, and they leave a history on all they have touched. People, places, and things all press us along, and as we progress, so still do we feel the past come upon us, assailed by secondary moments, and the shadows of what once was. It is there, waiting to come to us if we let it, good and bad, happy and sad, torrid and calm it is all there waiting.

I believe in my heart we should not dwell in the past, yet we should not ignore it either. I believe in my heart we should not pine for a future we do not know, but I do not believe we should shun it. I believe we should focus on here, and focus on now, and how we can go further today than we did yesterday, and press our envelope for even more.

Many of us live in our moments and feel the edge of what we know, but I am not so sure a lot understand the secondary moments, how precious they can be, and how much they will mean to us going forward. Where we saw all that was important yesterday we can build a better today.

This may all seem like nonsense, but if you sit down and think it through it makes a lot of sense. Maybe, just maybe we can all find a way to appreciate more than ever what we have today.

So as the sun sets on another day look past all the big events happening and pay attention to the secondary moments. It is there we will find some peace, some extra happiness, and maybe a little more. Pay attention to it all and enjoy the moments you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and appreciate it all…


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