Hiding in the trees…

The sun sets on another day…

I look out to the sky, to the leaves, to the trees, to the fields, and to the beaches, sand, water, and everything else. I cannot find what I am looking for. I know it was there, there is proof, but it is eluding me, and I am waiting and watching. I am hoping I can find it soon.

An interesting statement. I say everything and nothing at the same time. The question is, what is it?

People like to surmises what it is a lot. Take the new movie Bird Box, we have people guessing at the monsters all the time. It could be anything. There are implied assumptions on many levels, but people take those further, and suddenly, assumptions are real. People say it, it becomes real. People pass it on, it is real, but what is it?

In my statement above, it is a Snow Owl in the area that is eluding me. (No, the picture above is not an owl) It could be anything, but in this case it actually is the Snow Owl that seems to go to Tahiti every time I try to find it. It is often when we are not seeking something we find it more easily. It is often when we are looking the other way that something astounding happens.

So, yesterday I am driving on the highway, and as I am driving I am on my headset talking to my daughter. As I drive I am concerned because it is twilight, and I am watching out for deer. (No, not sparkly vampires) Yes I am talking and intensely watching in front of me when I look out the drivers side door and a deer is running next to the truck. It was there, and keeping up and is it moved toward me, I floored the truck and sped ahead and the deer turned in behind me and scared the car behind me, but missed us both. I was looking for it all the time, and all the time it was there. I just was not looking in the right place. I would like to think this is the key. There areĀ  a lot of solutions and hidden treasures out there, and if you just open your eyes and look, you will see them, sometimes where you are not looking.

This applies a lot to a lot of different things, whether it be happiness, a great job, love, money or a dozen dozen other things. there are solutions there we just have to look in the right place. For me, the owl is out there, but I just have not looked in the right place yet. Are you looking in the right place for your owl?

So as the sun sets on another day, when you are looking for something it may be where you are not quite looking yet. I know where to find pictures of the owl, they are here. I will get my own soon enough because there are always opportunities if you look for them. What you are seeking is most likely there (unless it is magical powers, then it might be there but you might be out of luck) Keep looking, find those opportunities, and enjoy them no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your dreams…

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