Pseudo Symbiotic

The sun sets on another day…

The windows blow softly to the east as the clouds threaten for a winter storm, and a sly sun sneaks out for a moment and defies those clouds to say hello, only to be hidden away again. The constant struggle between light and dark connected but not the same.

I read a book once called “Liars and Outliers” by Bruce Schneider. In it there were a serious number of “aha” statements that were explained quite nicely, but something I took away was the symbiosis of man. I am taking it a little further, or perhaps not, but I feel strongly that there is a symbiosis between all of us that interact. A common thread that ties us in a massive chaos math problem that only a few can see, and fewer solve.

So whats that mean? An ad floating around at the end of many TV shows asks. Simple, we are all stuck together. If you do something, it may likely affect you. If you don’t, it may likely affect you. Ina  more pointed manner, pay attention to what you do, as it reflects on you. (Funny, that is a song in the musical Lost Horizon that always stuck with me too!)

What do we need to do? Pay attention to the world. Like it or not you are not in your own little silo, and even if you go so far off the grid that you make your own toilet paper from sawdust, there are ripples made by you, and that affect you, each and every day. Sorry, we are a little stuck together.

It is my opinion this is where karma comes from because eventually, it gets back to us. Eventually I would like to hope we are rewarded for the good, and the bad affects us as well. So find a way towards the good, it is better that way.

So as the sun sets on another day, sure. If you kick yourself your neighbor won’t feel it, but we all have some affect on everyone else. Let’s lead good lives and forge a path that shows we are in this together. A Pseudo Symbiotic race to an always elusive finish. Let’s be good people, and in doing so help a few others live well too. It is a strange thought, but a nice one nonetheless. Be a good example, and do it often, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be a little happy, a love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…





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