The edge of danger…

The sun sets on another day…

Wow, what a day. After seeing a lump of snow and realizing it was an owl, a seagull flying above an eagle, and enjoying an afternoon with my best friend, I came home, launched the drone and saw an amazing sunset, and a picture of the house I had not seen before, a house lost in the snow.

It is always fun going to the treatment plant where bird are everywhere. Teetering on a path between a lake and a ravine can be interesting to say the least. This was pointed out even more when I saw the seagull and the eagle. The picture does not do justice to how much bigger the eagle is, and still the seagull was near. (I guess kinda like a snack offering for the eagle, but not quite). The seagull also could be enjoying the edge of danger, and feeling the thrill of almost being a snack.

You know, sometimes being on the edge of danger can really make you feel alive. Setting aside the normal and taking the chance of doing and being something more. Maybe that means just stepping out of a comfort zone, maybe it means stepping way out of a comfort zone, but in the end, the edge of danger is an exhilarating place where dreams become reality, and people become a little more.

So what is the edge with you? What can you do that presses the envelope? What have you done that take the edge and grids it just a little sharper? Does it work? I would like to think that we all can step out of the comfort zone and live just a little more, what do you think?

So as the sun sets on another day the edge of danger is a scary place, a fun place, an unpredictable place, but it is a place we can find a little more and take our lives forward in a positive way. Take a chance, ride the roller-coaster, go skydiving, eat something new, and in the process grow and learn more about who you are, and everyone else. It will be worth it, and I will be right there too, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and try the iguana…



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