The sun sets on another day…

There was a possibility of an awesome sunset, instead the fog closed in and more, but the warmer weather did allow for more playtime. Well, warmer depending on how you look at it.

Never set aside the importance of play. I often hear people stating how lucky their cat or dog is because the get to eat and play, but we make that choice and we often don’t take the time to play. We often don’t take the time to even realize we should be playing. Instead we fill our lives with important platitudes and nonsensical seriousness that saps away all the play we have inside. 

Well, maybe not you. Perhaps you have found that being serious all the time is not as fun as people thought. Perhaps you know that playtime is just as important as sleep and eating and all the other necessities in life.

Take a moment and take stock, pay attention. Do you play enough? If not, take a moment, unwind, and find that time today.

So as the sun sets on another day, play! Simple, easy and to the point. Stop setting it aside and make the day a day to remember. Make the day a day to play, even if it is only a little. Then enjoy the rest of your day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the day…

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