Raining cats and icicles…

The sun sets on another day…

I want to just state for the record that the song did not go “drip drip drop little piece of ice” or anything of a similar nature. Still, we are there right now, and I just went outside and checked the generator, and how crusted my truck is. The answer: My truck is a brick, but the generator fired right up.

So it is a good night! Sure, little shards of ice are falling like tiny razor blades in the sky, and sure, it is not a super night to go for a jog, er, well, if I liked jogging, but it is a good night because the thing I need is fine, and the thing I will need, well, it is fine too, just covered in ice.

How many times do we focus on the parts of life that are less than perfect thinking that is where we should be looking, only to find everything is gonna be all right.

Now, don’t think I am lost in a shroud of positiveness that exceeds the realm of imagination, I may be, but I doubt it. There are of course bad things that happen, like the little razor blades right now. Instead consider me the “I’m gonna get over this obstacle no matter what” kinda person that won’t let everything get me down until I crash like a poorly flown paper airplane lit on fire by a candle.

Make that a goal for you too. Not because I said so of course, that would be silly, but because it is a little more fun to enjoy the good parts of a day than the icy razor blades of the day. Right?

So as the sun sets on another day, woof, it is a good day. Even if it is a tomorrow covered in ice there will be a silver lining, perhaps in the hole in my pants from falling on the ice, but somewhere someone will get a laugh, and I will smile, and it will all be good. Enjoy your day, enjoy your moments, and make today that day to be better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hide from the ice…


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