A tear in the clouds…

The sun sets on another day…

This will be scary, I hope you can follow along.

Tonight for a moment as I drove towards the edge of West Michigan there was suddenly a break in the clouds, a tear so to speak as crimson flashes filled the sky for only a moment. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the clouds once again swallowed the sunset and the night closed in around us. I was elated for a moment, then taken aback by the sheer fury, then once again caught in the grayness that seems to dwell here in the winter months.

So the night began, and I thought a lot about that tear and all of the things it meant, could have meant or means and there was a tear, not in the sky, but in my eye. Yes, a single spelling for a series of words that mean dramatically different things. The tear was not for the sky or the sunset or a dozen other things that flooded through my mind, but for the people who have passed through my life, and torn a little piece of life from me, while I tore a little piece of life from them. Somewhere in it all a tear was worth the peace I found, but it was a tear born of the tearing of a lot.

sure, it it easy to say, but as I thought about that tear in the sky, I thought about the briefness of many people in our lives. Think about it, many of us have friends that come and go, and in the end, they are just no more. The childhood friends that move away, the acquaintances, boys, girls, young and old, we see so many come and go, and as I saw that tear I thought of many. From the high school sweetheart who never came to pass to the man who taught me a few things about cars, from the clerk who smiled when I needed a smile, to the Samaritan that helped me push a broken car.

Life is full of people that make changes in our life, and then some are gone, or are they? Perhaps as I thought about this tear with a tear, I was giving them all life in my life again, because I was remembering. In that, there is a certain amount of peace, a certain amount of excitement, and more than a little satisfaction knowing that all the good, and all the bad, made me who I am today.

So who is it for you? Who was it for you? What tears in your life leave small tears today for you to think of, consider and find a way to overcome and make a part of the magnificent today you should be having. What makes you achieve and be more and how then can you turn those tears and tears into pure passion for peace and more? Think about it, and tonight, as I look at the tear in the sky, and see a star, know it is the same star you may be wishing on.

So as the sun sets on this torn day, consider all the people who made you, you. (Not yo-yo because that might come back at you). Consider the good, the bad, and more than a little of everything else. Consider how lucky we are to have today and the ability to make it the best day ever. Hold on to the great people you have today, and tomorrow and remember they are helping shape your todays to the best they can be, and enjoy the ride. Stop shedding tears, and tear the world up making it your best day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love often, and smile as the day goes by…


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