Masterful goals…

The sun sets on another day…

Today was crisp and sunny and fun and amazing and a little tiresome driving back home from visiting my daughter. Along the way I experienced a variety of emotions and along the way smiled all I could. (Yes, I probably looked goofy every time I smiled)

I was so very proud of my daughters this weekend. I had not seen them in too long and spending time with them is always a positive. No matter what the situation they are a light in my life daily. For both I felt a little extra bit of awesome as they had crushed personal goals and worked them not only forward, but redefined who they were.

Now, family always tries to set goals for us. People do as well, and spouses, and work associated, and bosses, and underlings and the list goes on. In the end no matter who sets your goals, you are the only one who sets your goals. Let me say that again, no matter who sets your goals, you are the only one that sets your goals.

We see it all the time. A weight loss challenge at new years lasts a few weeks or a month, then fades away. A contest sets up some goals, but then is rapidly undone. I know all of us could come up with a handful to a bushel of goals that were missed because they were not heartfelt. All too often the unsaid and undone goals fade away and sometimes we too lose track of them. 

What I saw this weekend was a young woman who reset her goals and made them a reality. It did not matter how many times I or her brothers and sisters stated them, when she decided it was time. It was real.

So as the sun sets on another day, set goals, be realistic, but when you do, make those goals yours so they are not just a momentary push but instead a change of your life. Make every day a part of that series of goals, and in the process you too can crush your goals, or at least I believe you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make realities…



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