The sun sets on another day

The beauty of the Sun set is amazing. I cannot fully describe ever how warm it makes me feel inside even if the air is cold. It can only be described as a truly awe-inspiring event. I guess that is why it is so interesting for me to look at the way other people see things.

The sunsets for example. Some people see the sunset as something to be revered in (Like all of us watching here from our cars). Other people see the sunset as something nice. Still other people see the sunset as just the end of another day and of no particular importance.

It is there we must pay close attention to who we were talking to and how they see the world. What is a diamond to some people may will be a Pig in a troth to others.

We truly cannot understand everyone’s perspectives unless we have walked in their shoes but we do have many things in common. This allows us partially into the world of another person and potentially understand some of what they feel. How often have you said to someone that it is “just like riding a bicycle” or something similar in order to get a point across. Those points are more easily understood as we look at common perspectives. 

So what then do we do with those situations that others rarely see? How can we explain the joy of having a child to someone who has never had a child? How can we explain the agony of being in pain each day if someone hasn’t truly felt pain? How can we explain the depths of our love if the person we are talking to has no concept of the depth of our love?

Perhaps we need to take a moment to just try as we can to share our perspective. Perhaps we need to spend more time explaining in terms of others can understand. After all if I said I love to the moon and back what concept do most people have of the moon except that it is far away? Perhaps I need to say it is like going to California and back 10 times and maybe a little more. It is worth considering.

So as the sun sets on another day, if you watch the movie Meet Joe Black you will understand the depth a forever multiplied by infinity and how it applies love and more. If you are talking to someone who wouldn’t understand that maybe you just need to say the distance to Albuquerque or to the grocery or something they can fathom. No matter how you slice it use your words the show perspective and use your perspective to build the world.  Communicate your perspectives and make it real. Make communication a priority and enjoy every perspective you have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile when you can, and love to the Moon and back…

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