California Sunset

Engage the overdrive…

California Sunset

The sun sets on another day…

Sunsets fiery breath covered the horizon in deep shaded of red, as I watched I was once again enthralled by the beauty our sun holds.

You know, sometimes life can try to kick you to the curb. It can pound you down in ways you had not even thought of and those items in your life you thought were good can go very wrong, and vice versa.

Sure, I can say it is all how you handle it, because, well, it is. Sure I can say the world isn’t fair, because, well, it isn’t. In the end though there are times you just have to go a step further and do a bit more. Sometimes you have to engage the overdrive just to get to a neutral, and push a little further to be OK and even happy.

I am sure I sound, or look like a broken record sometimes noting it is all up to us, even if it is. I am sure sometimes I seem like a ray of positivity even when there is no reason to be positive. In the end, the reason to be positive is simply to overcome the negative, and even being neutral borders on negative.

Tonight I sit here struggling to type one word, yeah, it is a pain. I could have let it slip. I could have waited until the feeling of nausea passed, but I will not let whatever it is knock me down. I have written nearly for over 3 years, every day, right here and it is going to have to be more to stop me.

All I am asking is when life gets you down, fight back. Push a little harder, and give it a run for its money. I know some very special people who fight things every day, be like them, keep walking, keep doing, not in spite of the stuff, but because it is in you to do more.

Sure, weird post today,but one I needed to write.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy it. As the sun sets on another day, push for today, make it the best day ever. As the sun sets on another day, don’t sop fighting for the right. As the sun sets on another day, be the best you you can be, because you can make a difference, if only to yourself. Make that difference, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, push on, and make the world yours…

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