Magic moments…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was amazing, but I only saw it from through the trees, still, the day ended well, and the moment was special.

You know, sometimes we just need a special moment to recharge. It doesn’t have to be over the top, and sometimes it may not be exactly what we wanted it to be, but it is still special, and your eyes may open to something bigger.

We all need to realize that having a good day doesn’t necessarily mean we are having the most amazing day ever, although I try, it just means we need to have a day that has merit,. This can be in the form of learning something new, finding a new hobby, spending time with a friend, or spending time alone for a while.

I had an afternoon alone with a chain saw. No, it was nothing romantic, but as I took each moment and made progress, I realized the day was good, and maybe better than normal. Not because of the chain saw, but because I was accomplishing something good, or maybe something better. It is sometimes too easy to set some things aside, and I have set a few aside for too long. I have made a few less than priorities, and it is time for that to change.

How about you? Can your magic moments be something as easy as a smile, or do they have to be bigger. Can you enjoy something as small as watching the birds, or does it have to be that one amazing thing no one is expecting? Take a second, and hopefully see how great it is just to have some good times with a good accomplishment knowing there is more to come. It is worth it.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good day. I hope you had one too. Every day can be a challenge, but we can overcome those challenges just by paying attention, and enjoying our time, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the moment, and spring cleaning time is here…

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