Positional Symmetry…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun rises, the sun sets, the moon rises, the moon sets, and all the planets lock into place like a magnificent ballet played on an infinite theater. All of it fits, not just a little, but perfectly. All of it just fits. Even the things that don’t seem to fit are part of that cosmic dance, and it all still aligns. Here, grass grows, trees grow taller, and all around things just fit together, and even if it doesn’t seem perfect, sometimes it is perfect. Sometimes though, it is even more perfect and it is then we find something special.

Imagine a watch, a nice pocket watch. Every piece of that watch is integral to the whole, and when it works together, you get time, or at least you can measure time. Look at how all the little pieces of a car, or motorcycle or even a bicycle are necessary to make ti work. Look at how the positions of everything make everything work, or not work. If you start breaking it down to the small parts you will find the world is quite complicated, but quite simple, there is an order, and that order either works or it does not work.

I sat watching today. There were a lot of things going on, and they interacted quite well in some areas, and not so well in others. There were places the symmetry was perfect and everything fell into place, and there were others that were not so perfect, and nothing seemed to go right. Most of it came down to a simple idea, or a simple thought or two.

Then there are people. There are people who are like the cogs in a watch, perfect together. Each moment crossing into the next, each tick a perfect symbiosis of the previous. there are also those that are not so perfect, and those that may be partially perfect, but will wiggle and shimmy, and eventually, things will not be so good.

I know very few people that are perfect for each other. I know very few loved ones or friends that are so perfect they just seem to be like the stars. It is special. It is amazing, and when there is someone you just click with, family, friend, loved one or other people, it just seems to be something that is without bounds. It seems to be as it should be,.

So, as the sun sets on this amazing day, look to the sky and see the stars. It may seem like chaos, but there is order. Look to the world, it may seem chaotic, but there is order, and somewhere in the middle there is a positional symmetry that just fits. A person, a place or more that just makes you take a step back and go “wow”. Look for it every day, and find that symmetry that works in chaos and more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and play more…


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